The Motorok company was established in 1990 by Atanas Malakov. In the years it has proven itself as a leader in the reinforcements and rebar manufacturing.

The available machinery and equipment is constantly being upgraded and renovated with new models of metal cutting and metal bending machines in order our company to increase the quality of its services and products and to achieve the satisfaction and the approval of all its clients.

In order to cover the requirements of the new construction methods, the company has a machine for  reinforcement assembly, cages, pillars squire or rectangular cages .

In 2000 the company expanded its activities and opened a new site in the town of Bansko. In 2006 the same company created a new one in the same field called Motorok-2006.

One of the main partners and suppliers of the company is Steel Industry (Stomana Industry), which is one of the leading European manufacturers of steel and steel products. All of its reinforcement steel products and profiles apply to all of the European quality standards. 

The main priorities of the company are utterly targeted towards the increase of the products’ quality and the creation of longstanding and mutually prospective business relations with its clients. In order to achieve its purposes, the company regularly invests in the renovation and the improvement of the infrastructure  high-qualified specialist and also keeps closely the safety precaution measures in the production processes.